Gel Teak Cleaner

Snappy Gel Teak Cleaner

Snappy Gel Teak Cleaner – For Snappy Sealer

Snappy Gel Teak Cleaner is especially formulated for cleaning surfaces earlier treated with Snappy Sealer. This mild cleaning product will not only clean the sealer’s surface but even remove oxidized sealer in preparation for a new coating with Snappy Sealer. It should be noted that once the oxidized sealer has been removed the teak color will appear uneven. This is normal and after applying a new coating of Snappy Sealer the surface will again look beautiful.

This process of cleaning should be done once a year or before the teak has become grey. If the teak has become grey Snappy Teak-Nu must be used before a new coating of Snappy Sealer is applied.

Snappy Gel Cleaner may even be used with advantage on all teak surfaces as a general cleaner. Since Snappy Gel Cleaner is indeed a gel it may be applied with to vertical surfaces.