Instructions for use

1. Make sure that you have everything you need before you start. It is important to use rubber protective clothing (rain wear) as well as eye goggles. You will also need a hose with spray nozzle and buckets for diluting SNAPPY. If the deck is in bad shape concentrated SNAPPY may be used, otherwise dilute 1:1 with water. On decks that are not warn down soft white “Scotch Brite” pads may be used instead of the special brushes supplied. 2. The deck must be thoroughly wet before applying Snappy Teak – Nu. Water however, makes the soft teak even softer. Softened teak is easy to damage with vigorous brushing, so be careful! If you get SNAPPY No.1 on aluminium spray immediately with water, as miscoloring can result. The same is true of some simple varnishes. Taping the aluminium protects it, and even waxing helps. 3. Apply No. 1, using brush No. 1. Brush across the grain using a force equal to that force you use when you wash your hands. Do not mix the brushes as the two liquids(No.1&2) neutralize each other. If SNAPPY begins to dry into the deck (sunny day) spray lightly with water. SNAPPY works only in a wet environment. Do not be afraid that your deck turns almost black in color. That indicates SNAPPY is working.
4. You now have 2 alternatives. If you do not have aluminium in the area you can rinse away liquid No.1, with water. Before rinsing however, wait a few minutes so that SNAPPY can work deep down in the wood. If, however, you do have aluminium use alternative number 2. which is to apply liquid No.2. directly on top of liquid No1 without rinsing. This creates a neutral mixture which cannot effect aluminium when it is rinsed off at a later time. This mixture is also better for the environment. 5. The next step is to apply liquid No.2. Use exactly the same technique as used when applying liquid No.1. Almost immediately your deck will begin to lighten in color. Again wait a few minutes so the liquid can work deep down. 6. Lastly, using water, spray thoroughly. Make sure that no SNAPPY remains. It is best at this time to rinse the entire boat. If after drying an area has been missed, or does not look optimal, just repeat the process for just that area. If this be the case use alternative No.2, that is apply liquid No. 2 directly over No.1 without rinsing. These areas will blend together leaving no seams. SNAPPY SEALER applied, after the deck is dry, will preserve your deck the entire season.