Are we bragging when we say Snappy Teak Care products are the best you can buy? We sure are, but with good reason. Read what others say about Snappy Teak Care.

This scandinavian boaters magazine did a scientific test of four teak treatments. GUESS which was best.


“We have tested four teak treatments. The differences between them were little, but the American product SNAPPY’S victory was undebatable.”


Rating equal to EXCELLENT
The newest product on the teak treatment market is the american product SNAPPY TEAK – NU. As with International’s (Interlux) products Snappy consists of three chemicals to obtain the best results. Two of them are for cleaning and one is a sealer. It (Snappy) is a little more complicated then the other teak treatments and it requires greater carefullness regarding splashing and spilling. Snappy is the strongest of all the tested products and therefore protective gloves are necessary. The materials that are needed are two brushes, a garden hose and a sponge to spread out the sealer. In our test SNAPPY gave the absolute best result after cleaning and using the sealer. The deck became clean and it appeared as if it was newly sanded.”



Praktisk Båtliv (“Practical Boating” – A Norweigan magazine) No. 2, 1999
“It is easy to use. It’s easy to use Snappy Teak-Nu.” [followed by instructions]
“The teak looked like new. After the teak dried the twenty year old teak looked like the boat had just come from the factory. We choose to use Snappy Sealer, which is a type of pore filler. Sealer prevents water and dirt from coming in the teak’s pores, which makes the teak dark and promotes cracking. We brushed on the sealer and let it dry overnight. After the whole (boating) season the wood still appeared fresh. The difficuly of using the teak cleaner was minimal. The whole process took one hour. We will never again sand our teak. This was much easier.”
The rest of the article dealt with how to use Snappy and some tips.

Vi Båtägare (Swedish boaters magazine) No. 6, 1997
Article tests all teak cleaning products and sealers on the Swedish market
Test result: “SNAPPY’S VICTORY WAS UNDEBATABLE… In our test Snappy gave the absolutely best results… The deck became light in color and had an appearance of being newly sanded”

Bådmagasinet (Boating Magazine – A danish magazine) No. 4 1999
“The american cleaner Snappy Teak-Nu will renovate your boats outside teak like magic without effort”
We were amazed at how clean and new our old black teak became in just a few minutes with the american cleaner Snappy Teak Nu. First, we tried the chemicals on light grey teak in good condition. Normally we scrubbed it 2 to 3 times yearly with soap and a lot of elbow grease. Snappy Teak caused the wood’s light bown color to appear again. Next, we tried it on old darkened teak that was only cleaned occasionally. The teak immediately became like new again.”

The article continues with instructions

Teknik för Alla (Technique for everyone) No 6, 1999
Headline: “Snappy Teak whos name leaves a lot to desire is otherwise a completely outstanding solution to the problem”

“If ShipShape Jordlagsfjerner is a good product it is however, Snappy Teak that leaves you with a lasting impression. As mentioned above the deck on the boat was practically an impossible project. At least that was the general opinion. The result! Our mouldly foredeck, to put it mildly-became clean and turned deliciously sunny yellow after drying for a few hours, it looks completely newly sanded – wow! Now came the second part of our test. In order to protect the new fresh surface against all kinds of influences Snappy has developed a so called “sealer”, an oil containing a speciell polymer that protects against ultraviolet light and other influences. The sealer fittingly called “Snappy Teak Sealer” is applied using a foam brush. The result is quite extraordinary, as the pictures shows. From being a dirty “mole-sow” the boat rises like a bird Fenix out of the ashes thanks to the “new teak deck”.
“Snappy Teak is actually so good that everyone around us, as well as ourselves, could hardly believe our eyes.”